Carpet Protectant Services

When this protective coating is applied to the carpet fibers, it puts a protective barrier around each fiber. This protective barrier resists moisture. When you do have a spill, it gives you a window of time to get it cleaned up. Carpet Protectant ServicesThe other important way that this product helps you is in the area of wear. Having this protective coating on your carpet helps reduce the wear and abrasion caused by sand in the carpet. This protects the carpet from excessive matting, and in turn will cause your carpet to perform better.
If applied at the end of the carpet cleaning service you will find vacuuming to be easier with fewer passes. Oil and water based spills are repelled as opposed to soaking into your carpet fibers and becoming a permanent stain. Not to mention it helps carpet fibers to resist soiling. and time. As a authorized provider, we are happy to apply 3M Scotchgard™ Protector at your wish.
Just let our carpet cleaning specialist know prior to starting your services and we can easily add it!